Patricia Selina (trishpawachunyu) wrote,
Patricia Selina

Umbrellas. Not just one umbrella!

Anyway, it was just a normal day. I had just stuffed a bowl of kachan's popcorn in my mouth, and she and tousan were watching a movie. She went out and showed me the text of my neesan Grace (I forgot what the Japanese word for 'aunt' is...). She told me to go to this blog because the niisan, apparently, had been giving away Japanese umbrellas.

So I went there anyway. He said he'd only give away one umbrella each. But I want a clear one for tousan, a violet one for kachan and a pink one for atashi. But nai nai nai! It was only, unfortunately, one.

Why do I want the umbrella anyway? Easy. I'm an otaku, obviously. And the pink umbrella looks like the one Sakura and the Hiiragi twins use. The violet one looks like the one Tomoyo uses. The white one just looks kakoii. And I don't want just one. Three, I tell you, three!!! (Sorry if I scared you.)

Just remembering their scenes in the rain make me think "Aah, I want one too!". Wouldn't it be kakoii, you know, if you own something your favorite anime character does? That's why I always use my Ouran wallet, so that I feel that I'm a part of that school. If I have one of these umbrellas, I'd think I'd feel like Kinomoto Sakura-sama. She looks all cutesy with a clear pink umbrella. I wanna have a pink umbrella too~!

I'm an otaku, and let me tell you, looking for Japanese goods isn't as easy as I'd like it to be, here in the Philippines. If you see anime goods there's a big chance they're almost always Naruto or Dragon Ball. Not like I'm looking down on anyway on fans of those animes, since my tousan's a Dragon Ball fan himself. Almost always shonen works, maybe the occasional hentai. But what for us shojo fans and/or frustrated Japanese girls? It's almost always expensive.

So, if by any crazy chance that niisan reads this and decided to give an umbrella to this crazy otaku, I'll ask him "niisan, why just one? i said three!". But then again... I'll just say Onegaishimasu, niisan~! And when niisan gives me one, I'll say, Arigatou gozaimasu! and just ask for another. Nandyate~!

Onegai, onegai,
please? Please give me a kawaiikko pink umbrella! Because... you know... like Phoebe Buffay said, "I hate to miss out on an opportunity just 'coz I didn't ask"...
Tags: * thou shalt protect me from rainfall

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